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Content Marketing World

Content Marketing World is the conference for the marketing/PR professional who develops the strategy or handles the execution of content marketing initiatives.  This is the person that, in some way, develops or curates valuable, relevant and compelling content through one or multiple channels to attract and retain customers.

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How do I find my customers if they are always moving?

This holiday season, more people than ever will use their phone to either buy a gift or search for information about that gift – all while standing in the store. Your customer is moving, and their device moves with them as they check it upwards of 200 times a day. How will you find them when they are always moving, and more importantly, what will you say? The team from MLive will give you the tools you need to not only adapt to mobile in 2017 but to thrive as you head into 2018.

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The Art of Transmedia

A struggle for many marketing teams is that when they have an idea, it lands on one platform. Another idea is on a different platform, and a third is on yet another. All three campaigns talk about your brand but none of them connect to one another. What if there was a different way to tell a story? During this session, attendees will learn how to create a modern marketing campaign that connects your email to your billboard, your social to your radio, your print to your display – every aspect of your marketing speaking in a singular voice about your brand.

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"Futureproof” your marketing for 2017

Marketing, specifically digital marketing changes so fast it is hard to keep up. What does your brand need right now to be ready to thrive in 2017. Augmented reality to snapchat marketing, online to offline attribution, cross platform targeting, is email marketing still a thing. All of these answers and more as Jeff Leitch and Eric Hultgren from Mlive get your marketing ready for the year to come. 

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Laughfest: Ron Funches

I will be your host for both Ron Funches shows for Laughfest and for the "dirty show" at Midnight with my boy Stu McCallister - the beginning God created man.  Man created some jokes.  And some of those jokes got f@$king weird.  The Dirty Show is going to be an exhibition of these jokes.  Come watchMike Burd, Brennan Schoen, Tim McLaughlin, Katrina Brown and Rick Matthews tell some of the most sick, disgusting and gut-busting funny jokes.  You mind is gonna be blown!  This is a midnight show so leave the kids, Grandma, and those with heart conditions at home. 

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