What can you say?


Coming from a broadcasting background I understand the need to have something to say when the country goes through a tragedy. Couple that understanding with the media companies that we carry around in our pockets and it becomes impossible to resist the urge to say something when everything within you says what you have to say matters.  

But maybe that is the moment to think not act. To read and not write. To process and not produce because while we all scramble for the pieces of information that will make sense of a senseless act of violence it tends to become just noise: 

The talking heads

The 24hr news cycle

The fight for clicks

The click-bait journalism

The fake news

What if you took a moment to wait. What if you thought "do I have anything useful to contribute to this conversation?" And if the answer is "no," you take a breather. I am not a proponent of non-action unless that is the perfect action and yesterday it seemed like there were enough opinions on the subject that adding to the yelling did not seem useful. 

In fact, the one thing I did post on some of the false news that was circulating was called stupid within 10 seconds of posting it so I took it down because we just didn't need another pundit in the boat. 

We can save that for another day. 


Eric HultgrenComment