For the Creator

To the person who took a chance and: 

  • wrote that first word
  • crafted that first line of code
  • hit record
  • played that first chord
  • made the first brush stroke
  • called that first client
  • hit publish
  • took a chance
  • failed that first time
  • did it again
  • accepted criticism 
  • committed to the process 
  • Lept 
  • pressed a t-shirt into existence
  • competed
  • won
  • lost
  • tried
  • loved
  • learned something new
  • lost
  • created a recipe
  • finished something that was hard 
  • was scared to share with the world - but did it anyway 
  • understood the doubters would show but you showed up first

You are different, you are a creator when the rest of the world is a consumer. They eat what you build every day. They are the first to tell you that you can't and then the first to be in line to say they always thought it would work. You scare them because you are a reflection of what happens when you mobilize fear into action and look at your one life as an adventure instead of a burden. They call days like today #motivationmondays but creators see every day as a chance to make something new, iterate on an idea that is just so close, or start all over.

To you, the creator I say go have an adventure. Go have an amazing Monday. 


Eric Hultgren1 Comment