I deleted every draft.

I have been writing since yesterday my thoughts on Trump, Curry, the Warriors, and the NFL — and deleted every draft.

Not because I fear for what someone my think but because we have lost the ability as a nation to discuss anything with nuance.

Not because it isn’t important, free speech is the cornerstone of some of the biggest issues our country faces.

Not because I don’t have an opinion, I most certainly do.

However in 2017 if you aren’t on my side or I am not on your side we are to hate literally every thing that comes out of each other’s mouth or even keys to the Internet.

As I write this there are whole NFL teams staying in their locker rooms for the National Anthem. As I write this there are just as many people cheering this decision and as are jeering it.

But very few people are asking how we got here.

It is not just that media has been weaponized because that idea is hardly new, the even older idea is keep a country divided— because angry is the easiest emotion to manifest and the easiest to manipulate.

I probably should have deleted this too

Eric HultgrenComment