Our Lady Peace 20th Anniversary of "Clumsy"

On Monday OLP announced they would be touring the US for the first time in a long time with a 20th anniversary tour of the album "Clumsy" which was the breakout album for the band. As a fan I enjoyed "Age of Spiritual Machines" a bit more because of the connection to Ray Kurzweil's book of the same name. That said, I have seen the band 6 times including the tour when Clumsy was released which was a transcendent experience because it was the closest thing I had seen at the time to match the experience I had when Styx did the Mr. Roboto tour and had a movie about robots fighting over guitars. The way in which the circus themes mixed with the music and the physical space was spectacular. 

Nov 2 seems like a great reason to get back to Chicago, don't you think.



Eric HultgrenComment