It’s We actually

This morning the Sunday news shows were maligning the current administration on both sides of the aisle, the right and the left posturing that their team was better than the other team. Failing to understand that the sky can’t be falling for both…

“Their side lost.”

“Our team won.”

Here is the problem, we are in the same boat and when it takes on water wehave to work together. The oversimplification that it is the Super Bowl of politics and that one side wins, gets 8 years and then the other side gets a turn is why your Facebook feed is full of people who have lost the lust for knowledge and traded it away for hate and vitriol.

Sure, you may find that people post “we have more in common than we do differences” but the rest of their page would indicate otherwise.

We are in this together.

We owe it to our children that the current discourse in this country is not only embarrassing on both sides, it fails to move us forward.

And lastly, you are responsible for how you act, what you say, and what you do. So before you want to cast blame because it doesn’t require any work, check the mirror one more time.

They didn’t win.

You didn’t lose.

You didn’t win.

They didn’t lose.

WE have work to do.

Eric HultgrenComment