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16 days into Blogtober Mondays tend to be my favorites as I get home from teaching at night and then get to share some people who inspire me to be better, produce more, and inspire others to create.

So todays list of people like you who just started include:

Adrian Butler: Designer. Musician. DJ Adrian is one of my closets friends and we collaborate often to create things that we hope make the world better but on his own he is one of the busiest guys I know. Creating and running a clothing line, is one of the most sought after DJs in the state, and continues to produce music that inspires and challenges people and for that I thank him.

Nick Behling: Nick and his brother run a company called MI Playground that has created a pretty amazing community and for most people that would be enough. But Nick is one of those curiously creative souls that pushes for more so in what is left of his spare time he creates amazing costumes like this year’s entry Sully from Monsters Inc. I have no idea how is mind creates these amazing things but he constantly inspires me to look at the world differently.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.41.23 PM.png


Two Eagles Marcus: Two Eagles is one of the most wonderful humans I know and have had the pleasure to know him for the past 20 years. He understood the power of photos and the internet before most understood the web. He is currently the assistant publisher at Women’s Lifestyle Magazine but is more famous for his company Glitter Booth that is on the bleeding edge of what photo booths can do in the experiential marketing space and continues to tinker on his own creations to push that space further.

Brad MacDonald: Brad is one of those people who never makes a big deal out of creating. He doesn’t say “look what I did” he just quietly does the work and when he gets recognized for it he deflects and goes back to creating. His last couple of blog posts have been some of my favorite things I have read this fall and if you want to know how to be a better writer, step one is read better writing…he is one to watch. You can thank me later.

Jason Dodge: Owner of Black Truck Media, founder of, and sits on the board of directors for the Grand Rapids Civic Theater. Jason is one of those people I am always blessed to spend time with because he is a guy who just brings good energy and you leave that moment thinking, “fuck, I am glad I know that guy.”

He thinks deeply about the subjects he is passionate about and even if you are not into the digital search space, painstakingly rebuilding a jeep from the ground up, or understanding skiing at an intimate level — he is such an inspirational human he leaves you wanting to share that energy and create your own path with such zest.

Go forth and create my friends because the world needs more of us.


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