Make 3 changes this week

I did another Facebook live broadcast last night (this might become a 2–3 times a week thing) and as we got to talking the conversation shifted to action items, as it tends to do when I get going. Eventually we landed on the three things I think everyone can do regardless of talent to increase their success rate in life.

That last part is important because in a world where everyone gets a trophy and we toss around “thought-leader” “entrepreneur” “social maven” and “hustle” until they are worthless, I feel it is important to understand that not everyone has the same gifts. 

You might not be wired to work 23 hours a day; you might not need to in order to have success. You don’t have to be the leader in order to be happy and feel like you are making the world a better place. You don’t need to be a “personality” in the connection economy in order to carve out your place in the world. But I feel these three are must haves for anyone regardless of skill set.

1) Do what you say you are going to do.

If you set a deadline, hit it. If you promise you will help your friend move, help him move. If you say you will do something, hold true to that word no matter what. Technology shifts, jobs and titles change, we have good days and we have bad days, but your word is your currency and in an era of social currency if your word is worthless — you might find it hard to get ahead in the current economy.

2) Be where you say you will be.

This is the older brother to #1 because it has to do with one of my favorite maxims, use time wisely. 

You will find if you listen, read, or watch me I spend a lot of time shaping, understanding, and attempting to bend time. So if I am scheduled to be someplace I am at that place ready to do what is asked of me and in many cases beyond what is asked. 

My daughter was asked to attend a birthday party this past weekend and she was one of a few kids invited. The lesson Evelyn and I talked about afterwards was what an honor it was to be invited to a party with such a small guest list and when we are invited to such things we want to be on our best behavior so that we get invited back. If you are supposed to be there…be there and be in the moment. 

3) Don’t be late.

Which leads us to the building block by which the other two are successful.

Don’t be late, ever.

Yes, there will be instances where it cannot be helped and in those cases use one of the various forms of technology we have in order to let people know so that they can react to your tardiness and adjust their plans. However, as a rule 10 minutes early is my EST (Eric Standard Time) because your time is extremely valuable. 

We only get a finite number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years to traverse the globe and the best way to use them is be mindful of the fact that they will run out. I do my best under every circumstance not to waste your most precious resource, I hope you would do the same.

I will jump on Facebook on Wednesday night and would love to talk to you again at that point or you can check out any of the podcasts we are creating on a weekly basis.

Have a great Tuesday.

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