30 Days of Freewrite

I have been waiting a long time for this to come.

What was originally called the Hemingwrite evolved into the Freewrite, born in the city of Detroit, and was delivered to my house on the wings of a Pacific Asia airliner today. 

If you have followed me for any length of time you know I do not tend to have the greatest luck with Kickstarter projects but, I was fortunate to get to talk to Adam and Patrick throughout the process and even had Adam on the ETIM podcast as they were about ready to put the product into beta.


There are several things I noticed upon opening the box, first was the attention to detail in things like the construction and even directions found on the box. Second was that the entire package weighed 1.1 pounds which has to be some sort of technological witchcraft because the machine is solid and takes advantage of every ounce found in every inch.


I will say that the keyboard has a fantastic response time and the satisfying "clack" that feels like you are making something. I know some beta users have hacked the keyboard to lessen the sound but for some reason, I find myself wanting to write more just to hear the "clack" of progress.

At this point my intention is to use the Freewrite for a month to write every piece of content I put out in order to fully test what this machine can do. In the first 30 minutes, I can feel myself getting lost in the work without the ding of notifications or distraction of the windows of wasted time. The Freewrite is living up to the first impressions I had when I backed it 2 years ago.


This may not be for you and I can appreciate that, but I am writing every day, for work, for school, for play and this is a tool I have been very excited to put into the arsenal.

Enjoy the next 30 days, I know I will.