Is Instagram ruined?


In episode 160 of the Everything is Marketing podcast, I tackled the idea that marketers are freaked out that the change will hurt your brand. I am just not sold that this will happen in fact as with most change, this will force brands to get better at spending smarter money and creating killer content.


It is no longer a strategy to whine when a social platform turns the corner and forces brands to spend in order to reach the users on that platform. When brands or marketers pretend that facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest are different than television, radio, newspapers, billboards, or magazines they aren’t respecting the reach of the social space. You don’t expect to get radio spots for free, so why would you think that your facebook post should be free and still reach the audience on the platform — you shouldn’t so stop.

Take a listen to the podcast and give me your feedback.

Eric HultgrenComment