Tuesday tidbits

The definition of a tidbit is a "small piece of tasty food," so with that as the primer each week I will bring a handful of things I am really digging in the past 7 days for you to enjoy. As this is the first one, I hope you dig it. 

On a night where Trump might win another 8 states, it is worth noting this is the best takedown of Trump I have seen anywhere on the web. 

This article tackles the "dumbest idea" in radio and why 1996 might have been the end of the story, not the beginning. 

In an election year anytime you have the chance to read a conversation with Nate Silver, you should do that - every time. 

Sidney Poitier is one of my favorite actors, period. I can remember the first time I watched "Guess Who is Coming to Dinner" and the effect that it had on me. Sure, I was too young to catch it in the theater but that did not change how it impacted me. So this episode of "What it Takes" is a look at his early life through his own words. The story of the first time he watched a movie in a theater is my favorite thing this week. 

Eric HultgrenComment