Need a Zombie Fix?

Last night was the season finale for The Walking Dead which leaves fans of the zombie genre without much to do until “Fear the Walking Dead” arrives this summer. So what can you pick up in the meantime?

John Cambell’s Omega Days is fantastic. If you like the way that Kirkman and crew write either the Walking Dead comics or the show, I think you will really like this trillogy. In the first book there is a couple chapters in the middle that made me fall in love with a story I was already a fan of.

Maybe you want something that is a bit more of a “slow burn” and if that is the case I cannot recommend enough “The Girl With All the Gifts” which might be the creepiest book I have read in a long time. The story takes place 10 years after a zombie outbreak and the main character is a girl who is very special. This is a hard book to write about without spoilers so PLEASE pick it up.

If you are a video game fan there is plenty to keep you busy from the Call of Duty zombie add-ons, to the Dead Rising franchise, and my new favorite Dying Light. What I love about this game is that the gameplay between night and day is different and terrifying enough to keep me playing longer than most of the hunt and fight games tend to.

Then this summer we get the next series in the Walking Dead franchise that takes place in LA. What is interesting about this is that we might get to see more of the early stages of the outbreak instead of what we are used to with Rick and the gang. I am excited about a new take and optimistic about how well they have handled the comic book canon and adjusting it enough to keep the show interesting for the comic book fans.

Eric HultgrenComment