An open letter to Evelyn

What can I say my dear, but it has been a brilliant three years.

When you came into our lives we had no idea how much fun our world would become; your light, your smile, your sense of humor, and your sparkling personality make everything better. In fact, despite being quite the threenager already I find it difficult not to smile when you are around.

In just one year the trip from two to three years of age has seemed as dramatic a leap as if I attempted to Evel Knievel across the Grand Canyon of time. Watching you discover the world, explore, and investigate all that is around you is both exciting and frightening. Exciting because your ability to observe and turn that into knowledge amazes me, frightening because it is hard to let go and not want to protect you like I did when you were six months old. But now is the time to learn and enforce that learning even if it results in bumps or bruises. That is a trust in myself I promise I will work on.

I did want to take a moment to discuss food, as you have firmly landed into toddlerhood it seems the ideal time to let you know there is more to life than eggs + cupcakes. I understand when you are 32 you will once again return to this diet and likely add Merlot - but for now let's try some new things like parsnips or sushi? 2015 should be a year of food adventures and not like when you tried to put gum into ice cream, that is just ridiculous. 

Lastly I want to let you know very few animals are like the ones you have fallen in love with in Disney movies. Most shocking to discover there isn't actually a labrador retriever that can play basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, or hockey - let alone all of them. You have asked enough of them to play volleyball with you I thought it was time you knew the truth.

Have a brilliant birthday and may the next 12 months be filled with running, playing, that wild imagination of yours, and of course your favorite the lollypop! I love you and have learned more from you already than I could ever want to show you - but that won't stop me from trying to repay that debt.

Happy Birthday EGH. 

Eric HultgrenComment