1 > 0 all the time, every time.

via @shmittyluvsSNX

via @shmittyluvsSNX

This morning I got this tweet from my friend Lauren, a quiz from Buzzfeed that compared moves in mixed martial arts (MMA) to moves in 50 shades of Grey. I talk a lot about hitting the zeitgeist and for me, this was compelling enough to click on. As an aside I got 12 out of 12 which either speaks to my expertise in MMA or my personal life, you can feel free to pick your own answer. 

What was more interesting than the quiz was that Lauren included the user from twitter @firasd in her tweet to me, minutes later he reached out to both of us.

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about 1 > 0 the idea being you have no idea who the one view of your content could be, in this case the quiz caught the attention of the crew at Buzzfeed who moved it to the front page - how cool!

This is the excitement that the web can provide, this is the connection you can get in the social web, this is the reason you should ship TODAY.


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