Jon Stewart moves on...

Jon Stewart has been in my media landscape for as long as I can remember and at one point was looked to as "a most trusted news source," the idea of which is of course ridiculous. Or at least it would be in a world with actual journalism happening on the nightly news and people like Brian Williams telling the truth about things they have done, places they have been, but they don't so we don't trust the "news" much.

Enter the Daily Show, a satirical look at the news of the day done in a way that makes the subject matter both approachable and just detailed enough to get people interested in what is happening in the world. While I would never be the guy who thinks you should do something forever, his voice will be missed. A voice that took the media giants to task when they over-stepped their bounds and the administration for its universal ridiculousness. Satire is a powerful thing in a thriving democracy and I am interested who might take up that sword. 

Eric HultgrenComment