Scheduling social in the age of real time

Tonight is the State of the Union address and unless you have been under a rock, we essentially know what President Obama is going to speak about. Raising taxes for defense and here at home, tax cut for the people he wants to vote in 2016, ask for employees to get 7 sick days a year, his view on city-issued broadband, oh and FREE COLLEGE!!!!!!! 

But the thing to watch tonight is how social works. What are people talking about, who are they talking to, and what news brands called it a day at 5p. If you know what someone is going to say, the takeaway is your position on it - how is it framed. Brands, news brands specifically, that will retweet AP or FOX News instead of offering insight are missing a huge opportunity to connect tonight. The more people automate social the easier it gets to tell, facebook will even tell you straight up if it was automated in some cases and that should tell you a lot about the brand.

There are times to automate - when you are pushing out content that people expect, like a weekly video, or a podcast, radio show, or evergreen content. But tonight is not that time. If you want your fans or customers to trust you - you have to be there in real time when they expect you to be there. 

Be there.

Oh and if you would rather a different President be giving the speech tonight, this page is your new best friend. 

Eric HultgrenComment