Time to ship

I got a text tonight from a dear friend who was drinking a beer at the Twitter headquarters. He and I texted back-and-forth about his next move. He would text that he was worried about doing things in the right order, or coming back to West Michigan before the adventure starts, or making sure everything is perfect before he picks what's next. I finally said that he had far too many rules and it was time to leap and left it at that. The next move, is all him.

Another friend got a gig as the lead anchor at WMBD 31 that starts this week. Paul worked with me at Clear Channel and then moved to WXMI and now off to this next exciting adventure that he is going to be great at, I could not be happier for him. 

I play drums with Joe Guerra on Sundays and he sent me some new songs that he is working on - they are stunning. As someone who has worked in music for as long as I have, to be blown away by a project is a feeling you get once or twice a year if you are lucky. 2015 will be big for Joe and I am excited to share all of it with you when it nears completion. 

Mike from WSNX just started doing nights last week for the station, something he wanted to do for a long time. Now it is his time and the sky is the limit for him. 

My wife just launched her project with essential oils. These products have had such a profound effect on her overall health she almost didn't have a choice but to share with the rest of the world. This project is very young but the growth and the interest has been humbling for both of us.

What do all four people have in common?

They aren't waiting any more. They are not hoping they get that raise this year, they are not praying they get picked from the back of the room for that next project, they are not letting labels and stereotypes tell them what they are qualified for, they are taking the leap and doing what they want to do - because it is the only choice.

I said in my video update to "bite down on 2015" and I meant it. Don't wait this year, your company will not pick you, I promise, that is your job.

If you want something this year and you don't ask - that is on you.

The era of excuses ended 5 years ago. Saying you don't know, you can't, there wasn't time, I am too old, it isn't possible, all of it, every last excuse, is bullshit. This isn't a "everyone gets a trophy" blog, you absolutely gotta earn it, and sometimes you have to fail in order to do that. Other times you are just going to fail. But isn't that better than being a part of someone else's plan? 

Pick a date tonight and ship. It will change your life.


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