How long should you wait?

Right this very moment somewhere in the world there are millions of people playing Trivia Crack. In fact, there are 77 million active players putting the app in the #1 spot in the Google Play + Apple App stores, in fact, let's pause and ask a Trivia Crack-type question:

When was Trivia Crack released? 

If you answered Nov 6, 2013, you earned a gold coin.


Isn't that amazing? It took OVER a year for Trivia Crack (a freemium game with in-app add ons) to catch on, Dec 2 it hit #1 in the Apple Store and Dec 13th for Google Play.

The game itself reached worldwide popularity before it was a hit in the United States. That said, once we discovered it Illinois, Minnesota, and Arizona rocketed to the top as the most addicted places on Earth for the game. But this is not a post about why trivia or even Trivia Crack is popular, it is a post about starting.  

When Etermax, the company from Argentina responsible for this addiction, launched the app they felt they had something special - a new way to play and a new look to trivia.  But it took 13 months for it to become a part of the zeitgeist and for some brands that might seem like a loooong time to wait. Put another way, would you wait 13 months to get 77 million customers? My guess is yes. But what if you weren't so sure? Do it anyway.

A new year starts in just over 4 days and that is your chance to start as well. I don't mean creating a list of resolutions you intend to break by January 12th, I mean that thing you have wanted to do for a day, a month, a year, or longer. Start that. Put pen to paper, fingers to keys, sticks to drums, and start creating - you will be astonished by what happens. 

As people make their resolutions to lose weight in 2015 you will often hear, "even if you walk half a mile you are ahead of the person who didn't get off the couch" and that is true, but not just in fitness. This week play one less game of Trivia Crack, trust me they will be fine, and make your art. Get ahead of 2015 by doing that thing you are amazing at - RIGHT NOW. Make it a habit before the new year starts. 

Moblie games have a shelf life, every single one fades out - Trivia Crack is no different. Etermax is working on its 8th game title right now which means more than likely there are 6 games they made you never heard of, but they kept creating, crafting, honing their art until they hit the tone of the day. You may not make games, but you have something that makes you special - the world is looking for that now.

Consume art or create it

- if those are the choices, I am sure you know which one to pick.  

Eric HultgrenComment