Is this the year to make a leap? It's your turn.

This week Seth Godin shipped a new book "It's Your Turn," and if you have read any of my blog posts, listened to any of my shows or podcasts, or suffered through a beer or dinner with me I am sure I have channeled or quoted Seth Godin, unapologetically. I do that because I find his work to be profoundly important. Godin's work has done more for me and shifting the way I make "a ruckus" than just about any other thing I have consumed over my 40 years wandering the planet.


This book is another big shift for him as unlike The Icarus Deception in which he did a Kickstarter for and then eventually ended up putting the book in a traditional lane like a bookstore, this one will not. You can get yours here, and Seth will ship you extra copies in order to spread his art - and the book is that important both because of the art, as well as, the experiment. 

Below is Seth from the NYC event (with Gary Vaynerchuk + Dave Ramsey) talking about art and connecting. The final minutes he talks about what happens if you ship and it fails? But more importantly he asks, "will you become someone who matters?" An important question as we head into the new year. Will you become someone who matters and will you share your art with the world in the coming new year because Seth would tell you that we need your art, and I agree.

You have every element in your body to channel your energy to change the surroundings and surround yourself with people who empower that art. I have spent the last 12 months changing a lot of things in my life because I knew it was time for "what's next." 

People that I trust were important to taking that leap but so were the new people in my life that recharged that idea that I could do "anything." I don't mean anything like the millennial "everyone gets a trophy" sort of way, what I mean is everyone has something fantastic they can do, in Godin's words - their art. 

Of course it is much safer to do things that do not push the envelope or seem out of the box to the people in your life. But, now is the time to put new people in your lives and ship that art. I have a renewed sense of purpose and one of the things I feel Titanically moved to do is help people ship their art (which is why many of my posts are of this nature) which is as much of warning as it is a call to action.

It's your turn...go thrash, go write, go paint, now go make art.

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