Has it been that long?

It is hard to believe I have been here for 30 days, that said, in the past month I have had some amazing conversations about "happiness." I put that word in quotes because it seems to be THE magic question everyone asks me, "are you happy" or "are you happier." What is interesting about the question is that I think it frames the world with the wrong lens.

My mother has taught Tai Chi for nearly as long as I was in radio, the elevator pitch on that martial art is doing amazing things with your body as your energy aligns with the energy of the planet. Using that logic, I have explained the past 30 days and more specifically, the lead up to the decision and then the leap like this; Happiness is not a goal to aim for, it is a result of making decisions about you and what you were designed to do - and going and doing that. 

Every single person has a talent, whether you realize it or not. The trick is, when you identify the thing you are good at, you submit to it - happiness is bound to follow. For me, happiness is a direct result of the body responding to the energy around you. So, when you are at an office that is caustic, work at a job that you hate, or do something "for the money," those things will always pull you further and further away from what we call happiness, like a riptide of misery. 

We are all given a limited time to make an impact and you will find that the closer you get to your "thing" the happier you become. My journey doesn't happen without a number of people who helped me get here, yours doesn't either so lean into your network and take a step towards happiness. 



Eric HultgrenComment