A look at the Halo 5 Multiplayer

I have been playing a fair amount of Halo: the Master Chief collection this week and soon I will be able to jump into the beta for Halo 5, which I am excited for. Above is the first look at some of the new weapons and character mods that you can expect when the game drops next year, it looks killer.

Halo was one of those games that changed the way I looked at gaming, like Adventure, Pitfall, Donkey Kong or Pac man, Super Mario Brothers, Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto III, Skyrim, before it and now Destiny (made by the same company) which I believe is one of the best games I have played in a couple of years. 

But Halo always held that soft spot for me just because it was THE title on the original XBOX and each version that came out after, not named OSDT, was an improvement on the platform. Sure Bungie is on to Destiny, but the franchise still holds some magic for me and to plug into the Master Chief collection, play the original game, in either its launched version or an enhanced version, was enough of a parlor trick to have me hooked.

I have tried to love COD, I really have, and there are certainly ones I have liked better than others. Advanced Warfare might be the first one I have played for a single hour and not turned back on, but the matchmaking seemed to favor the upper level players (as it always seems to) in a way that I have not found in Destiny, Titanfall (who has one of the best out there), or even Halo. Each time I play those three games, I have fun - Call of Duty has been a lifelong frustrating relationship that I can't wait to get out of, but here I am sucked in again. 

Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been a welcomed distraction to nights of creating presentations for work, prepping notes for class, or the onslaught of events that are seemingly endless this time of year and my hope is that Halo 5 builds on that energy, The beta will open in December and I hope to see you there!

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