Ebola, what you need to know...

The above video probably doesn't put you at ease, especially when the Drudge Report looks like this right now:

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported this morning, among other things, that the death rate has increased to near 70%. This is on top stats like, there will be 10,000 NEW cases of Ebola per week for the next two months and that, on average 50% of the health care workers that are exposed to the disease - die from it.

Numbers like that should give you pause but remember that most of those statistics are coming from ground zero for the disease, Liberia. 

Liberia has had 8,399 cases of Ebola and currently 4,033 deaths (WHO, 2014) that number will rise as the science says the death rate will be more like 70% and Liberia is about to have a health care strike which would be catastrophic during what is already a catastrophic event in a country with none of the advantages we take for granted. 

I joked on Sunday:

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.13.14 AM.png



But I fear the latter is more the case.

The head of the Centers for Disease Control (how many times have you seen that in a zombie movie) says that "just one case of Ebola is unacceptable" which is delusional for a number of reasons; A) you already had one case who has since died, B) you are on to your second case with a health care worker, and C) the incubation of Ebola is around 21 days so the near 100 people (70 of them were health care workers) you are keeping an eye on, mathematically speaking - a handful will probably get sick. 

But before you get all Rick Grimes on us remember that we have faced similar viruses and come out of this okay. Panic is certainly more dangerous here than fact, but that doesn't mean you should not pay attention, because you should. Especially when you probably just wanted to know if this is true:

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