What if?

What if regret was something you didn't experience? What if you woke up everyday knowing that even if you make the wrong decision that day, you could fix it, probably learn from it, and grow into a better person than you were, yesterday.

What if you were not afraid to take chances? Leap, maybe even fly...? What if your differences were and advantage and not a weakness?

What if?

That was my first week at MLive.

You may not resinate with that, perhaps you think platitudes are best served on a wooden frame in a kitchen in East Town, which I can respect. But, prior to making this leap from a safe 20 year career into the unknown Joe Rogan made this video:

I have watched once a week ever since as it became my muse, not Joe - the message.

Try something and if you fail, get up and do it again with what you learned. That every sunrise brings a certain forgiveness and if you choose you could give it another go. I am not sure what I am going to do with this blog but I can promise this; I will make mistakes, forget to post, post things you hate, and perhaps start over. But that is the beauty of the world we live in now. The barriers are GONE, all that is left are excuses which you own exclusively yourself.

Have a brilliant weekend and now go do something cool!