Thoughts on the future

I love teaching and thinking about how what we do can have an impact on those around us. The digital landscape and social web moves so fast that you need someone who spends time within the platforms understanding, executing, and educating in that space. 



I have spoken all over the state of Michigan to companies, brands, and audiences of all shapes and sizes helping them to understand the social web and how they can grow their understanding to build a brand on the web. 


The Blog

I have been creating content for the social web since 2006 I host the video and podcast, Everything is Marketing, host of the UFC podcast Way of the Warrior, adjunct professor of mass media, and host of an interview-style podcast called The Incredible Hult


Now Playing 4 Kids

In 2015 I created a non-profit that focuses on taking at-risk kids to the performing arts (movies, plays, concerts, sporting events, etc.) That project has grown from taking 10-20 kids to events to taking an entire school to see Black Panther this past March